“To inspire others to heal and respect the land by showing what is being done and why. Appropriate utilisation rather than exploitation is demonstrated. Showing and telling is aimed at making the viewer and listener think and hopefully act.”- Barry Brickell

Barry Brickell set out in the 1970s to return the land to pre-colonial times by replanting the 24 Ha property with over 27,000 naitve species including rimu, totara, matai, miro, kowhai and kauri. Today, the property is covered in second generation native forest and is QEII covenanted to protect the land for perpetuity 

Driving Creek continues Barry’s vision and commitment to the Tiaki promise to protect, maintain and enhance our natural environment, be a community leader and centre for understanding and contribution to conservation initiatives, and continue improving the health and wellbeing of our local community and visitors. 

Driving Creek strives to achieve Barry’s vision by performing environmental research, operating pest animal and plant control programmes, running free conservation events, and connecting people with New Zealand’s natural qualities through enriching, educative and unique experiences for people to escape, explore and enjoy.

Keep an eye out for upcoming free conservation events.

1,368 pest animals caught since 2019
435 traps in project area
Pest plant control area cover ~85 ha
52 community conservation events held