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Driving Creek offers one-off pottery workshops for those seeking to develop their pottery skills further, we also offer free conservation events, lectures and hands-on workshops for anyone seeking to learn about, participate in and share inspiration for conservation.

Driving Creek Events

Elementa 5 with Peter Augustin, Di Caton, Peter Muller, Anett Pilz and Verena Tagmann

Opening 5:00PM, Thursday, 14th April - 23rd April 2023
This April 14–23rd at the Barry Brickell Gallery, Driving Creek, Coromandel, Five Artists exhibiting as 'Elementa 5. Come along to view their works.
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Connections with Kay Ogilvie, Erica Lyons, and Yvonne Szabo

Friday, 3rd March 2023
Kay Ogilvie, Erica Lyons, and Yvonne Szabo are artists who push boundaries and incorporate natural materials and cultural symbolism in their work.
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Two • Birds

Opening 5:30PM, Friday, 24th March - 9th April 2023
Anneke Borren + Caitlin Moloney Ceramic Collaboration Exhibition You are warmly invited to attend the exhibition of Anneke Borren and Caitlin Moloney's collaborative works at Driving Creek Railway and Potteries Gallery in […]
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Clay Making Workshop