Our Charitable Purposes

Driving Creek originated as one of New Zealand’s first potteries when Barry Brickell purchased the property in 1972 for the rich terracotta clay. As well as being a pioneer in New Zealand pottery, Barry was also an early conservationist and planted over 27,000 native trees to transform the farm and scrubland into a thriving native forest.

Following Barry’s wishes after his passing in 2016, Driving Creek is now a fully charitable organisation and continues to deliver on Barry’s vision, as detailed in our Trust Charter. Driving Creek operates two charitable purpose programmes that stem from our goals to:

  • Protect and enhance our natural environment, be a leader and centre for understanding and contribution to conservation initiatives, and share our conservation values with our community and visitors.
  • Be a leading centre for pottery and ceramic crafts where emerging potters are actively fostered and visitors share in a unique craft and creative experience.