Driving Creek
Driving Creek

About The Trust

Barry had planned in advance for the day when he would no longer be around to drive what has become a very successful tourist attraction, working studio pottery and conservation project.

The company Driving Creek Railway Ltd was established by Barry in May 2003 and he charged a Board of Directors with the responsibility to manage the assets and operations of Driving Creek.

In March 2009 he established the Driving Creek Railway, Arts and Conservation Trust to oversee the running of Driving Creek’s many facets. Today the seven Trustees, comprising a potter, conservationists, Barry’s brother an engineer, a doctor, a railway tourist operator and a lawyer are responsible for ensuring that the Mission Statement and Objectives of the Trust are achieved.

In September 2016 the operating company Driving Creek Railway Ltd became a registered Charity.

Upon Barry’s death in 2016 the Trustees met and established a Strategic Plan to provide direction for the future development of Driving Creek that aligned with Barry’s vision and final wishes for Driving Creek.

Our Mission Statement

To foster Driving Creek as a unique cultural, learning and visitor experience.

Our Values

We aspire to uphold the legacy of Barry Brickell by valuing:

  • Transformational learning and quirky innovation
  • The native flora and fauna of Coromandel
  • Employment of local people
  • The uniqueness and heritage of NZ pottery and ceramics
  • Ceramics as an art form
  • Our staff and volunteers
  • Honesty and respect in our dealings with each other

Our Objectives

  • To sustain the vernacular and cultural character of Driving Creek
  • To tell and develop the stories of Barry Brickell, Driving Creek Railway, the land and its peoples
  • To infuse art, conservation and engineering in everything we do
  • To maintain and grow an outstanding collection of the works of Barry Brickell
  • To be an important centre for pottery and ceramic crafts where emerging potters are actively fostered and visitors share in a craft and creative experience
  • To mandate Driving Creek Railway Ltd to operate and grow a commercially successful and sustainable social enterprise at Driving Creek
  • To play an important role in supporting the growth of the Coromandel economy through the attraction of increased visitor numbers and the provision of jobs
  • To uphold the conditions of the QEII covenant and grow Barry Brickell’s conservation legacy
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